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The trick to the authentic blogging lies in the individuality. Originality is Individuality. And that's where we often hit the dead-end. With this irregularity, the limited scope of information and creativity, this is the best we have been able to do so far. 
And this is where you come in! If you feel you have you can contribute to this blog, occasionally or regularly, you are all we need!

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Rahul Shivani At Wai Maharashtra-2
Travel Articles


"Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world." Our take on the world, one destination at a time. 

Book Reviews

Book Reviews

“Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read.” Our view of the books we have read outside of dogs. 

Technology Articles


"I do not fear computers. I fear the lack of them." I too to turn to computers to take a break from computers. This is how I see them!

Movie Reviews

Movie Review

If you already know the characters Hari Singh, Hari Ram and Ram Singh from Sholay, you need not visit these review articles.

My Opinion


"The opinion is the medium between knowledge and ignorance," said Plato, and so say I. Reality, through my lens of validity.
Health & Fitness

Health & Fitness

Be careful about reading health books. you may die of a misprint. Read these health and fitness articles at your own risk.

My wife often asks me why anybody should need a personal website, just to put personal things out in public in an irrevocable manner. I am quite clear, having a personal website is a fundamental virtue of the new-age narcissists.

Rahul Desai

Blog Author

Rahul Desai

Why Do I Write?

Because I need instant gratification. I want people to acknowledge my knowledge, my writing and my confined language skills. I strive for making an impact while I’m alive than hoping to leave a mark after I’m gone.

Like Robin Sharma said in Who Will Cry When You Die?, 'If your life is worth thinking about, it is worth writing about.'

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